Rebol [
    Title: "The Reb site of Romano Paolo Tenca"
    Author: "Romano Paolo Tenca"
    Version: 0.0.16
    Date: 16-Nov-2001/20:29:41+1:00
    Type: 'index

summary {
       This is the home page of Romano Paolo Tenca

text-color 35.35.35 255.255.255
backdrop color 170.170.170

title {Romano Paolo Tenca - Rebol}
file " Contact" info "My email"

file {AnaMonitor.r} %anamonitor.r [27709 10-Nov-2001/2:16:32+1:00] info {A Visual Monitor for objects/blocks/ports updated 10-Nov-2001/2:17:18+1:00}
file {MemUsage.r} %memusage.r [3773 13-Nov-2001/9:42:30+1:00] info {A Set of routines to test memory usage updated 13-Nov-2001/9:47:28+1:00}
file {GetPath.r} %getpath.r [2008 4-Nov-2001/12:15:22+1:00] info {Get the value of a path updated 4-Nov-2001/11:23:24+1:00}
file {GCMask.r} %gcmask.r [1545 16-Nov-2001/20:29:12+1:00] info {Example code to not add new words to the Global Context updated 16-Nov-2001/11:23:24+1:00}
file {Refine.r} %refine.r [1545 16-Nov-2001/20:29:12+1:00] info {Add refinement to a word/path updated 16-Nov-2001/11:23:24+1:00}
file {Dump-face.r} %dump-face.r [2361 5-Jun-2002/1:01:08+2:00] info {Dump a face updated 5-Jun-2002/6:26:06}
file {Dump-style.r} %dump-style.r [1240 11-Jun-2002/14:43:52+2:00] info {Dump and clone a style updated 11-Jun-2002/14:46:06}