Rebol [
    Title: "Desk Todo"
    File: %desktodo.r
    Date: 24-Jun-2004/14:59:42+2:00
    Author: "Carl Sassenrath, Didier Cadieu & Fabrice Vado"
    Purpose: {Based on the demo of Rebol /View by Carl. It allow you to manage a list of todo and move them between them.}
    Version: 1.1.0
    library: [
        level: 'intermediate
        platform: 'all
        type: [demo tool]
        domain: [database file-handling gui user-interface ]
        tested-under: [view on "Windows XP Pro"]
        support: none
        license: none
        see-also: none

flash "Loading data..."
todo-path: %desktododat.r

status-words: [New Pend Now Wait Done Remind]
priority-levels: [1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9]
effort-words: [Easy Medium Difficult]
category-words: [Misc Design Code Doc Test]

;-- Utility functions:
fail: func [msg] [request/ok msg quit]

;-- Generate images for dot and arrows:
make-image: func [xy wh eff] [
    eff: layout [
        size 20x20 at xy
        box wh effect eff
    eff/color: main-color
    to-image eff

dot: make-image 6x5 9x9 [gradient 1x1 255.0.0 0.0.0 oval key 0.0.0]
arr: make-image 3x3 14x14 [arrow 0.0.127 rotate 90]
ard: make-image 3x3 14x14 [arrow 0.0.127 rotate 180]

;-- Item creation, loading, and saving:
item-obj: context [
    notes: none
    priority: 5
    status: first status-words
    effort: first effort-words
    category: first category-words

make-item: func [
    "Given a block of todo items, return a block of todo item objects. Recursive."
    /local item items sum sub pri notes stat diff cat
    items: copy []
    foreach item item-blk [
        set [sum pri stat diff cat note sub] item
        item: make item-obj [
            summary: sum
            priority: pri
            status: stat
            effort: diff
            category: cat
            notes: note
            paritem: parent
        if sub [item/subitems: make-item sub item]
        append items item

load-items: func [
    "Load a file of valid todo items. Return the top level block."
    if not exists? file [return make-item [["Add some items!" 1 new easy test ""]] none]
    file: load/all file
    if file/1 = 'history [
        list-date/text: file/2/1
        show list-date
        file: skip file 2
    make-item file none

emit-item: func [
    "Format a todo item for output to a file. Recurse over subitems."
    item out
    /local indent
    indent: ""
    repend out [indent "["]
    foreach word [summary priority status effort category notes] [
        append out mold item/:word
        append out " "
    if item/subitems [
        append indent tab
        append out " [^/"
        foreach item item/subitems [emit-item item out]
        remove indent
        repend out [indent "]"]
    append out "]^/"

save-items: func [
    "Save todo items to a file."
    /local out
    out: make string! 10000
    repend out ["history [" now "]" newline newline]
    foreach item items [emit-item item out]
    write todo-path out
    list-date/text: now show list-date

save-ftp: func [
        "Save home data to web."

;-- Item user interface:
selected-item: none
item-wide: 480
item-cnt: 0
list-date: none

main-window: layout [
    style button button 60
    vh2 join "DeskTodo " system/script/header/version
    button "Save"   #"^s" [save-items todo-list]
    button "<" #"^o" [outdent-item]
    button ">" #"^i" [indent-item]
    button "^^" #"^l" [move-item/up]
    button "v" #"^r" [move-item/down]
    space 0x8
    clip-box: box base-color / 2 480x400 edge [size: 0x1 color: coal]
    list-slide: slider 16x400 [scroll-box value] return
    space 8x8
    button "New" #"^n" [new-item]
    button "Delete" #"^d" [del-item selected-item]
        button "Sync" #"^s" [sync-item]
    txt 80x24 middle right bold "Updated:"
    list-date: text 240x24 middle center form now white base-color / 2

layout [select-box: box 480x22 orange]
select-box/offset: 0x-40
list-box: make-face 'box
list-box/size: clip-box/size
clip-box/pane: list-box
list-pane: list-box/pane: []

scroll-box: func [value] [
    list-box/offset/y: negate value * (list-box/size/y - clip-box/size/y)
    show list-box

select-item: func [item] [
    selected-item: item
    select-box/offset: item/face/offset - 1x1
    show select-box

select-action: func [face value] [
    select-item face/user-data

expand-action: func [face value] [
    ; Expand subitem list.
    face/user-data/expanded: not face/user-data/expanded
    select-action face value

make-item-face: func [
    "Create the GUI summary line for an item."
    /local bx px tx sx pri
    pri: form any [item/priority 5]
    item/face: layout [
        origin 0 space 0 across
        bx: image dot
        px: text 20x20 pri snow leaf center middle font-size 11 [show-detail face]
        tx: field edge none 400x20 middle font-size 11
        sx: txt 50x20 black main-color middle center font-size 11 [show-detail face]
    item/face/color: none
    bx/user-data: px/user-data: tx/user-data: sx/user-data: item
    bx/action: :select-action
    sx/text: item/status
    px/color: pick [200.0.0 220.120.0 120.120.0 120.180.0 0.160.0 0.130.150 0.60.160 0.0.140 80.0.100] to-integer pri
    sx/color: pick [160.160.160 220.40.40 220.220.40 60.60.240 40.140.60 180.154.100] index? find status-words item/status
    if item/subitems [
        bx/action: :expand-action
        bx/image: either item/expanded [ard][arr]
    tx/text: item/summary

locate-item-face: func [
    "Position a face and adjust the size of it."
    /local face
    face: item/face
    face/offset: where
    face/size/x: item-wide
    face/pane/3/size/x: item-wide - where/x
    face/pane/4/offset/x: item-wide - where/x - 50

make-list: func [
    "Make a pane of item faces."
    foreach item items [ ;print item/summary
        append list-pane make-item-face item
        locate-item-face item to-pair reduce [20 * depth + 1 item-cnt * 21 + 1]
        item-cnt: item-cnt + 1
        if item/expanded [make-list item/subitems depth + 1]
    list-box/size/y: 1 + item-cnt * 21
    list-slide/redrag clip-box/size/y / list-box/size/y

refresh-list: does [
    clear list-pane
    item-cnt: 0
    insert list-pane select-box
    make-list todo-list 0
    show list-box

sync-item: does [

new-item: has [list item parent] [
    list: either selected-item [
        next find any [
            all [selected-item selected-item/paritem selected-item/paritem/subitems]
        ] selected-item
    ] [
    parent: either none? list [none][either tail? list [back list][first list]]
    insert list make item-obj [
        summary: copy "" ;items-block: list
        paritem: parent
    select-item item: first list
    focus item/face/pane/3

del-item: func [item] [
    if none? item [exit]
    item: either item/paritem [
        find item/paritem/subitems item
    ] [
        find todo-list item
    if item [remove item]
    hide select-box
    selected-item: none

indent-item: has [list item] [
    if none? selected-item [exit]
    item: either selected-item/paritem [
        find selected-item/paritem/subitems selected-item
    ] [
        find todo-list selected-item
    par-item: first back item
    if par-item = selected-item [exit]
    remove item
    if none? par-item/subitems [par-item/subitems: copy []]
    par-item/expanded: true
    append par-item/subitems selected-item
    selected-item/paritem: par-item
    select-item selected-item

outdent-item: has [list item par-item old-par-item] [
    if any [none? selected-item none? old-par-item: selected-item/paritem] [exit]
    item: find old-par-item/subitems selected-item
    remove item
    list: either none? par-item: old-par-item/paritem [todo-list][par-item/subitems]
    item: find list old-par-item
    if found? item [item: next item]
    if any [none? old-par-item/subitems empty? old-par-item/subitems] [old-par-item/subitems: old-par-item/expanded: none]
    insert item selected-item
    selected-item/paritem: par-item
    select-item selected-item

move-item: func [
    "Move the selected item up or down"
    /up /down
    /local item
] [
    if any [none? selected-item] [exit]
    item: either all [selected-item/paritem selected-item/paritem/subitems] [
        find  selected-item/paritem/subitems selected-item
    ] [
        find todo-list selected-item
    if up [insert back remove item selected-item]
    if down [insert next remove item selected-item]
    select-item selected-item

detail-view: layout [
    style tr txt bold right 70x24
    style fld field 400x24
    style ar area
    tr "Item:" fv-summary: fld bold
    tr "Priority:"
    fv-priority: choice data priority-levels [this-item/priority: value]
    tr "Category:"
    fv-category: choice data category-words
    tr "Status:"
    fv-status: choice data status-words [this-item/status: value]
    tr "Effort:"
    fv-effort: choice data effort-words
    tr "Notes:" fv-notes: ar wrap return

this-item: none

show-detail: func [face] [
    this-item: face/user-data
    fv-summary/data: fv-summary/text: copy this-item/summary
    fv-notes/data: fv-notes/text: copy either string? this-item/notes [this-item/notes][""]
    fv-notes/line-list: none
    fv-priority/text: first fv-priority/data: any [find priority-levels this-item/priority priority-levels]
    fv-status/text: first fv-status/data: any [find status-words this-item/status status-words]
    fv-category/text: first fv-category/data: any [find category-words this-item/category category-words]
    fv-effort/text: first fv-effort/data: any [find effort-words this-item/effort effort-words]
    inform detail-view
    this-item/summary: copy fv-summary/text
    this-item/priority: first fv-priority/data
    this-item/status: first fv-status/data
    this-item/category: first fv-category/data
    this-item/effort: first fv-effort/data
    this-item/notes: copy fv-notes/data

center-face main-window none
todo-list: load-items todo-path
view main-window