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    The portal to TGD-Consulting's
    REBOL-tools, games & more.

file "Serve-It!" %REBOL/ServeIt.r [82617 23-Jun-2007/18:19:54] icon tool info "Serve-It! - TGD´s fast, reliable, coop-threading server-engine"
file "Analyse-It!" %REBOL/AnalyseIt.r [31628 18-Aug-2006/18:28:14] icon tool info "Analyse-It! - TGD´s cross platform web-log-analysis software"
file "Brokerage-It!" %REBOL/BrokerageIt.r [75851 14-Oct-2005/20:45:20] icon tool info "Brokerage-It! - TGD´s financial software to manage & analyse depots, accounts, shares, ..."
file "Drive-It!" %REBOL/DriveIt.r [35819 11-Aug-2006/19:52:15] icon tool info "Drive-It! - TGD´s motor vehicle fleet management software"
file "Cipher-It!" %REBOL/CipherIt.r [13997 9-Jun-2006/16:32:11] icon tool info "Cipher-It! - TGD´s cryptography tool, encrypts any kind of files"
file "Stegano-It!" %REBOL/SteganoIt.r [15006 18-Feb-2006/20:36:52] icon tool info "Stegano-It! - TGD´s steganography tool, hides text in images"
file "OTPgen-It!" %REBOL/OTPgenIt.r [12288 01-Sep-2007/21:51:28] icon tool info "OTPgen-It! - TGD´s one-time-pad generator"
file "Hex-It!" %REBOL/HexIt.r [16979 6-May-2006/18:34:10] icon tool info "Hex-It! - TGD´s cross platform hex-editor"
file "Split-It!" %REBOL/SplitIt.r [14744 26-Nov-2006/19:34:10] icon tool info "Split-It! - TGD´s cross platform file-splitter & -joiner"
file "Clean-It!" %REBOL/CleanIt.r [17222 11-Apr-2006/17:22:45] icon tool info "Clean-It! - a tool to clean and wipe out volumes in a secure manner"
file "Remember-It!" %REBOL/RememberIt.r [19327 9-Jun-2006/16:31:29] icon tool info "Remember-It! - a little widget to remember dates & events"
file "Web-GetIt!" %REBOL/wgetit.r [13563 5-Feb-2006/20:02:35] icon tool info "Web-GetIt! - a tool to download complete web sites"
file "Back-It!" %REBOL/BackIt.r [23357 12-Aug-2006/19:27:40] icon game info "Back-It! - TGD's backgammon-style game"
file "Brain-It!" %REBOL/BrainIt.r [15054 29-Jul-2006/19:27:40] icon game info "Brain-It! - TGD's train your brain game"
file "Break-It!" %REBOL/BreakIt.r [23488 29-Jan-2006/17:06:28] icon game info "Break-It! - TGD's Breakout-style game"
file "Cascade-It!" %REBOL/CascadeIt.r [14762 29-Jan-2006/17:06:41] icon game info "Cascade-It! - a fancy game with colored balls"
file "Join-It!" %REBOL/JoinIt.r [16407 29-May-2005/19:19:06] icon game info "Join-It! - TGD's 4win-style game"
file "Kniffel-It!" %REBOL/KniffelIt.r [13955 29-Jan-2006/17:07:07] icon game info "Kniffel-It! - a nice dice game"
file "Memo-It!" %REBOL/MemoIt.r [16019 29-Jan-2006/17:07:25] icon game info "Memo-It! - TGD's Memory-style game"
file "Memo-It! CIC" %REBOL/MemoIt-CIC.r [3551 5-Feb-2006/20:01:13] icon tool info "Memo-It! CIC - create your own card-images for Memo-It!"
file "Mill-It!" %REBOL/MillIt.r [30870 5-Feb-2006/20:01:31] icon game info "Mill-It! - TGD's morria-style game"
file "Mind-It!" %REBOL/MindIt.r [13138 6-Feb-2005/18:19:20] icon game info "Mind-It! - TGD's Master Mind-style game"
file "Move-It!" %REBOL/MoveIt.r [16215 30-Jan-2006/20:02:06] icon game info "Move-It! - TGD's Sokoban-style game"
file "Shit-It!" %REBOL/ShitIt.r [55841 10-Apr-2007/19:19:42] icon game info "Shit-It! - TGD's first card-game"
file "Slot-It!" %REBOL/SlotIt.r [19643 1-May-2007/19:20:35] icon game info "Slot-It! - TGD's slot-machine simulation"
file "Rebudoku-It!" %REBOL/RebudokuIt.r [31754 12-Aug-2006/19:26:33] icon game info "Rebudoku-It! - TGD's Sudoko puzzle game"
file "Twist-It!" %REBOL/TwistIt.r [22489 24-Sep-2006/16:29:27] icon game info "Twist-It! - TGD's balltwister-puzzle game"

link " TGD Web " http://www.TGD-Consulting.DE/Download.html info "View TGD-Consulting's web site"

file " About " %REBOL/intro.txt [3630 24-Apr-2007/16:29:42] info "Introduction to TGD's REBtools & REBgames."

file " Contact " contact@TGD-Consulting.DE icon email info "Get in contact with TGD-Consulting"