The Rebol Desktop Project

- What's this all about then?

The Rebol Desktop ( debuted shortly after the release of Rebol View. It was designed to both introduce the flexibility of Rebol dialects and provide a launch point for Rebol View scripts. The distributed nature of the desktop allowed for anyone to add content by way of their own web server. As Rebol is expressed in plain text, one could 'View Source' of a script or the index files that constitute the desktop.

Organisations could change the default index in effect affording their own customised distributed desktop. The Rebol Desktop Project ( uses such a custom index and thus differs slightly from the desktop experienced using a fresh installation of Rebol View.

- How would I contribute my content to the desktop?

It's very easy--an index is just a Rebol file served in amongst web content. The instructions ( are as good today as they were when the desktop was introduced.

When your folder is ready, feel free to add it to the list of World Wide Reb Sites (!

- How does this web view differ from the desktop as used from Rebol View?

The main difference is that as of now, this viewer can't launch scripts. It is our intent that this be possible as in our opinion the Rebol Distributed Desktop demonstrates a robust, elementary way to distribute applications across networks and the web offers an immediate, no-install interface to broaden this platform.