6th of March, Drancy, France, 1:08 PM

Hello everybody,

Welcome to my Rebsite, born the 5th of March of the year 2004.
For the moment, there is not a lot of things and I don't control it well
but...This will come soon : I'm on the rebol language since several
days and it is quite rare that I'm interested by the same subjet
during several consecutive days.

I'm a web developper, well... i try to become one.
My name is Coeurps, Liquid_Stone, ou more simply Philippe and...

I Phil Happy ! :-)

and Viva la Rebolucion ! Tell it to people.


7th of march of the year 2004, 2:15 PM, Drancy, France

Why Rebol ?

Since several months, I'm looking for a language to be specialized on
and reduce the number of things to learn, which is an important
data to consider when u see the amount of time we're spending
to read the increasing quantity of informations about computer science.

Rebol makes Web and non-Web development, it is one of the rare with
php5, C#, and Java, and maybe others I don't know.
It doesn't permit somehow to make total system development, 
even if you can access to a part of the computer system, said Olivier 
Auverlot to me.
Toward this answer that I'll have to dig deeper, i take conscious 
that I was looking for a universal computer science language,
 different than binary or assembly language of course, which allows
 to make what all others do.
If we need that Rebol works with other language to rech this goal, like
C, HTML, or XML, then ok, but it's almost a shame.
I say almost, because communications between languages is 
interesting too, if they're not very numbered.

Lightness of rebol, its portability, the fact it is meta-language and
therefore a powerful language, the philosophy of it ( nothing less
 than the futur of the Web), the originality of its syntax, this capacity
to be applied equally to Web or non-Web, its youth, makes that it is
very stimulating for a developper.

Nevertheless, the best would be a TOTALLY open source universal 

Next events in this language to be continued later...