Welcome to the REBOL Distributed Desktop

Each icon will take you to a different part of the REBOL.com
desktop, run a distributed application, link to a web page, or
run some other type of application.  Be sure to read the
warning at the end of this document.

At the top level of the Desktop, you will find these icons:

* Demos

	A folder that contains more than 20 demos that show
	various aspects of what REBOL/View can do.  Most of
	these demos are very simple.  Right click on an icon
	and select Edit to view their source code.

* Desktop

	A link to a web page that describes the REBOL/View
	Distributed Desktop in much more detail.  It also
	explains how to create your own icons and folders,
	as well as how to publish your own REBsite.

* Docs

	A folder that contains a variety of documents about
	REBOL and REBOL/View.  Some of these docs are links
	to web sites, and others are REBOL applications.

* Feedback

	Use this application to tell us about problems that
	you find using REBOL or any of its applications.

* Library

	An open, contributed library of REBOL scripts. The
	library provides a range of examples for using REBOL.
	Before running these scripts, open them in the editor
	by right clicking on their icons.  
	Note that scripts that are written for REBOL/Core may
	run without displaying a result or may quickly "flash"
	the console as the script is executed.


	A link to the REBOL.com web site.

* Sites

	This is a folder of links to REBsites. Some of these
	sites contain interesting applications, examples, and
	tools.  Note that these sites are located throughout
	the world, and as a result, some may take time to load.

* Tools

	A collection of simple but useful tools for the
	desktop.  If you have suggestions for other tools,
	please use Feedback to tell us.


	When you run applications from the desktop and receive a
	security request to access files or change the security
	settings, ALWAYS REPLY NO unless you fully trust the script.
	You can examine the source code to any script by right
	clicking on an icon and selecting the Edit button.

Enjoy using REBOL/View,

  -Carl and the REBOL Team