Welcome to TGD-Consulting's REB Site

Each icon will take you to a different part of our
REBsite.  You can link to our web page or run some
nice REBgames & useful REBtools, we have developed
so far to demonstrate the power of REBOL/View. 

* Analyse-It!

    A cross platform web-log analysis software.
    Use this tool to analyse the access logfiles of
    your web-server and for detailed visitor tracking.

* Back-It!

    A kind of backgammon-style game. The purpose of Back-It!
    is to move your coins to your in-field and then out of
    the game.

* Brain-It!

    Use this game to train your brain. Memories the numbers
    appearing on the grid and reveal them in the right order. 

* Break-It!

    This is a Breakout/Arkanoid-style game.  
    The purpose of Break-It! is to remove all
    colored bricks on the playfield with the help
    of the red ball and the slider.

* Brokerage-It!

    A financial software to manage & analyse depots,
    accounts, shares, ... . The base-version of
    Brokerage-It! consists of three modules:
    "Asset-Manager", "Chart-Anaylse" and "Kurs-Manager". 

* Cascade-It!

    An addictive game where you have to dexterously remove all 
    balls of the same color to clear the playfield.

* Cipher-It!

    A cryptography tool, which en-/decrypts any kind of files.

* Clean-It! (Freeware)

    A tool to clean and wipe out volumes in a secure manner.

* Drive-It!

    A software to manage your motor vehicle fleet.
    Drive-It! offers individual driver´s logs & fuel statistics
    for each motor vehicle. 

* Hext-It!

    A cross platform hex-editor. Use this tool to analyse
    and to modify bytes of any file.

* Join-It!

    The purpose of Join-It! is to join your star-coins
    in a row, column or diagonal. If you line up 4 or
    more coins you win the game.

* Kniffel-It! (Freeware)

    A nice dice game similar to the german "Kniffel".

* Memo-It!

    This is a nice Memory-style game. You have to find
    all equal pairs of the playcards by uncover only
    two of them at the same time. Up to four players
    can use their brain to reveal all playcards at four
    different levels. The easiest level consists of 16
    playcards and the hardest contains 100.

* Memo-It! Card-Images-Creator

    Use this tool to build your own card-images set for Memo-It!

* Mind-It!

    Find the right order & colors of the 4 pins in
    less than eight guesses. The faster you are 
    the higher you´ll score.

* Mill-It!

    A kind of morria-style game. The purpose of Mill-It!
    is to remove the opponent´s chips by building mills. 
* Move-It!

    The purpose of Move-It! is to move all boxes
    to the target. It is similar to the famous Sokoban.   

* OTPgen-It!

    A simple but powerful one-time-pad generator.   

* Rebudoku-It!

    A Sudoku puzzle game. The aim of Rebudoku-It! is to
    set a numeral from "1" to "9" in each cell of a grid,
    so that each row, column and subgrid must contain only
    one instance of each numeral.

* Remember-It! (Freeware)

    A little widget that helps you to remember yourself
    of annual dates and events.

* TGD Web

    A link to the www.TGD-Consulting.de web site.

* Twist-It!

    A nice balltwister-puzzle game. Group three or more
    equal colored balls together in vertical/horizontal rows.

* Serve-It!

    A fast, reliable, coop-threading server-engine
    featuring several HTTP- & PROXY-server in one
    smart programm. Serve-It! is HTTP/1.0 compliant!
    It´s easy to use & to configure and due to its
    internal design very scaleable.

* Shit-It!

    The purpose of Shit-It! is to discard all
    cards to the delivery stack by keeping
    the value of the stack lesser 51 points.

* Slot-It!

    A smart slot-machine simulation. Insert some coins
    and pull the lever-arm to hit the jackpot.

* Split-It!

    A cross-platform tool to split & join large files.

* Stegano-It!

    A steganography tool, that encodes messages in images.

* Web-GetIt! (Freeware)

    This is a simple but useful tool to download complete
    web sites, that are HTML-style-guide conform.

Enjoy using our REBtools & playing our REBgames,

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