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22-Jan-2015 - migrating the website to Amazon S3... partly done.

...	(long time incomplete and broken ... sorry)

27-Oct-2010 - migrating the website to this new location...


Accessing this rebsite via the View Desktop ?

To ensure that you have the latest index file,
right-click somewhere on the desktop and select
reload. This generally means that the latest
version of the files will be downloaded as
necessary. (The index file contains size and
date information for each file, so the desktop
knows when a file is out-of-date.)

If a particular program doesn't work, try 
reloading it (right click on the icon).

Edit the file to see what other files it needs
and reload them too.

As a last resort, you can clear your public cache.
You can find my files, cached locally on your disk, in:

view-root/public/anton.wildit.net.au/rebol/ <-- OLD

Where view-root/ is where you installed rebol/view.
(Actually, you can find this out by typing "view-root" in the console:)

Just delete all the files and directories in there
and try running again.

If, after all this, there's still a problem,
or anything else, feel free to send me a
feedback email.

Also, check out my web-site.
http://anton.wildit.net.au/index.html <--- OLD

There's some information on rebol-friendly ISPs.
http://anton.wildit.net.au/RebolFriendlySites.html <--- OLD